February 2, 2005 Ben Peters

Addendum to Nothing

In considering how best to use this blog, I’ve come to a few observations worth very little themselves but which may be of interest in the context of later entries. The first follows that the blog functions as something of a chronologically reverse scroll and therefore dances with both past and present traditions: the scroll and the cutting-edge. By emphasizing the top as the most recent entry, a premium is placed on the immediate and contemporary which by definition underemphasizes past entries. I hope to counter this in my files saved on our personal computer, where the notes will likely remain entered in the forward scroll fashion common to all standard document programs today. Feel free, I extrapolate into the future, to ask for the notes in full .doc form from me, Ben, at [email protected]. There is also the problem of organizing notes by appropriate class title rather than by the clumsy date of entry.

This makes blog management a little more complicated than I’d initially hoped. I’d like to use the blog as a chronology of thoughts, notes, and questions and as a portal toward openly sharing information with others. However, of course, if I’m to enter all the notes from one class on the day I attend it, the next class period’s notes will soon take precedence over the first, diminishing the likelihood that the cumulative momentum that could be gained by reading the entries chronologically will ever fully be enjoyed by the casual reader. Not that the casual reader will ever get the full effect of an idea evolving over a number of entries, but still to start with an idea in embryo would seem the most natural place to find out whether one has interest in following that same idea through its adolescence.

How ironic that, if this blog ever takes shape, very few people will both ever reading this entry, which, though inane and uninspired by itself, sets up a few of my initial concerns with the whole medium. As the Underground Man, I too stammer and stutter that I will never be read but write regardless.