Graduate Students

  • Scott Brennan, University of North Carolina, Dissertation Committee, Outside Reader, 2016-2018. Currently, a postdoc at Oxford University.
  • Carlotta Chenoweth, Yale University, Dissertation Committee, Outside Reader, 2018-Present.


Assistant-Associate Professor, Media Studies, the University of Tulsa

  • “Inquiry into Media Studies” fall 2017. Required mixed research methods course for the major.
  • Communication Systems (Introduction to Communication)” fall 2017, fall 2016, fall 2015, fall 2014, spring 2014, fall 2013, spring 2013, fall 2012, spring 2012, fall 2011. Required introduction to the major.
  • Communication Theories.” spring 2018, spring 2017. Required core course for the major.
  • Cyber Culture since 1945” spring 2017, spring 2014, spring 2013, spring 2012. Upper-level honors seminar.

Communication Technology & Society (Information Technology & Society)” fall 2018, fall 2017, spring 2017, fall 2016, fall 2015, fall 2013, spring 2013, fall 2012, fall 2011. Required foundation course for major and general education course.

Global Media” spring 2016. Upper-level seminar.

Digital Studies” spring 2016. Upper-level seminar.

Digital Media Keywords” spring 2014. Senior-level seminar.

Visiting Assistant Professor, Communication, Hebrew University

Understanding Media (Media Between Nature and Culture)” winter break 2012-2013. Intensive doctoral seminar. Co-taught with John Durham Peters.

Postdoctoral Instructor, Communication, Hebrew University

Networks: Science, Technology, and Society” spring 2011. Junior-level course.

The Cybernetic Front: Digital Media and the Cold War,” fall 2011, graduate level seminar.

Adjunct Faculty, Media, Communication, & Culture, New York University

Mass Persuasion and Propaganda” fall 2009. Junior-level course.

Adjunct Faculty, Communication, Brigham Young University

“Research Methods in Communication” summer 2006. Co-led statistics laboratory for required sophomore-level course.

Adjunct Faculty, Communication, Salt Lake Community College
“Effective Communication” summer 2006. Introduction to the major.

Teaching Assistant to Professor Alexander Stille, Columbia, “Politics and Government,” spring 2007. Masters-level course.

Teaching Assistant to Professor Brigitte Nacos, Columbia, “Global Mass-Mediated Politics,” fall 2007. Senior-level seminar.

Volunteer Instructor, Russia, led daily public lectures and private lessons in Russian fall 1999-summer 2001.


  • Average overall teaching evaluation ratings (10 is highest): instructor 9.0
  • Most Valuable Professor award, seven times, University of Tulsa, fall 2013-spring 2014